Astroturista's Guided Tour of the Night Sky

Do you have an interest in Astronomy / Stargazing?

Here at Cortijo La Estrella in collaboration with Astroturista we offer you the opportunity to enjoy a unique and innovative educational activity of astronomical observation. Observing the night sky can be an enjoyable, relaxing and unforgettable experience.

Due to our location in the countryside at the foothills of the Sierra de las Estancias, at 1,000m above sea level there is very little light pollution and the south-westerly skies are visible to the horizon.

Astroturista staff will set up the necessary equipment to carry out a true astronomical observation. Using powerful telescopes and simple explanations English speaking Javier and Pauline, will bring you closer to the wonders of the universe.

'The Guided Tour of the Night Sky' is suitable for all age groups and you will marvel at all sorts of celestial objects including:

- The Sea of Tranquillity where the astronauts landed on the Moon.

- Saturn's amazing system of rings.

- The Milky Way

- The giant gaseous planet Jupiter and its four moons.

Activities can be organised for groups of all sizes and ages and are a perfect way to spend a unique evening with family and friends.

Price: 20 Euros per person.

Astroturista´s presentations are of course dependent on the lunar calendar and the weather. Although every effort is made to predict conditions well in advance, we cannot guarantee the activity will take place and it is usually necessary to confirm on the day itself. Because of this, payment is not taken in advance.

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